31 Unique Cupid Tattoos For 2024

“Cupid, please hear my cry…and let your arrow fly.”  -Sam Cooke

Interested in Cupid tattoos?  Got you covered.

This article will display the 31 most creative and unique Cupid tattoos for this year, done by some of the best tattoo artists out there.

From blackwork to color, large to small, and detailed to simple…we’ll show you a little bit of everything to help you narrow down what type of Cupid tattoo will look best on your skin.

We’ll also detail some of the common symbolic meanings behind Cupid and the motivation behind many people who ink a form of Cupid onto their bodies.

Why Do Most People Get A Cupid Tattoo?

Mythological Origins: Cupid is often depicted as the son of Venus (Aphrodite in Greek mythology), the goddess of love, and Mars (Ares), the god of war. This parentage symbolizes the union of love and war, suggesting that love can both create peace and incite conflict. A tattoo of Cupid could symbolize the duality of love’s nature.

Iconic Imagery: Cupid is traditionally portrayed as a cherubic boy wielding a bow and arrow, with which he would shoot to make people fall in love. The image of Cupid with his bow can represent the power of love and its ability to strike unexpectedly, akin to an arrow’s sudden impact.

Representation of Love: As a symbol of romantic love, desire, and affection, a Cupid tattoo can be a declaration of one’s belief in love’s power or an expression of their romantic nature. It can also commemorate a significant relationship or love event.

Variety of Interpretations: Cupid has been depicted in various forms throughout art history, from the playful Renaissance cherub to the more classical Greek youth. This variety allows for a wide range of artistic styles for tattoos, from detailed and classical to simple and modern.

Symbol of Vulnerability: Despite his divine lineage, Cupid is often shown experiencing the same trials and tribulations of love as humans. His stories include moments of vulnerability, such as his love for Psyche, which adds a relatable aspect to his character. A Cupid tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s own experiences with love’s vulnerability and strength.

Incorporation into Popular Culture: Beyond classical mythology, Cupid has been integrated into popular culture, often associated with Valentine’s Day and romantic celebrations. A tattoo of Cupid can be a playful nod to these traditions, symbolizing joy, celebration, and the lighter side of love.

Cupid Tattoo Examples

Here are 31 of the most creative and stylish Cupid tattoo examples: