43 New Dolphin Tattoos Making Waves In 2024

If you’re considering getting a dolphin tattoo, you’re in the right place.

Most think of dolphins as the playful, intelligent, loveable sea creatures they are.

And while most dolphin tattoo designs reflect those traits, there are plenty more unique designs that reflect something else.

In this guide, we’ll show you 41 new dolphin tattoos for 2024 that will help narrow down the best design for you.

Along with the design itself, another important aspect to consider with a dolphin tattoo (or really any tattoo) is the meaning behind it.

Before we get to the 41 dolphin tattoo photo examples, we’ll outline what dolphins symbolize and the most common meanings behind those who go with a dolphin tattoo.

What Dolphins Symbolize

Intelligence and Cunning: Dolphins are known for their intelligence and problem-solving abilities, which makes them symbols of wisdom and mental agility.

Friendliness and Sociability: Due to their playful nature and sociable behavior, dolphins symbolize friendliness, social connection, and community spirit.

Protection and Guidance: In some cultures, dolphins are seen as protectors and guides. They are often depicted as friendly and helpful, guiding ships through treacherous waters or helping humans in other ways.

Harmony and Balance: Dolphins are believed to live in a harmonious balance with their environment, symbolizing the ideals of harmony and balance in our own lives.

Resurrection and Renewal: In some mythological contexts, dolphins are associated with themes of resurrection and renewal. They are sometimes linked to the idea of rebirth or a new beginning.

Playfulness and Joy: The playful antics of dolphins in the water make them symbols of joy, happiness, and the playful side of life.

Spiritual Symbolism: In spiritual contexts, dolphins can represent the bridge between the material and spiritual worlds, symbolizing spiritual guidance and enlightenment.

Freedom and Adventure: Dolphins, moving freely through the ocean, often symbolize freedom, adventure, and the spirit of exploration.

Dolphin Tattoo Designs

Enough symbolism for now, here are 43 of the newest, most unique dolphin tattoos.  

These photos are organized between two different galleries:

  • Dolphin tattoos in blackwork
  • Dolphin tattoos in color

Dolphin Tattoos In Blackwork

Dolphin Tattoos In Color