BFF Goals: Discover The Top 45 Friendship Tattoos Best Friends Are Getting In 2024

“In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.” -Khalil Gabran

Do you and your besties mean so much to each other that you just have to solidify your bond with some ink?

We’ve got you covered if so.

In this article, we’ll show you the 45 most creative and unique friendship tattoo designs for 2024.

We’ll also detail some of the most commonly chosen friendship tattoo designs, and the deep meanings behind each of them.

So grab your best bud(s) and scroll through the awesome photo galleries you’ll find below to narrow down the best tribute tattoos that’ll ensure you’re friends forever.

Meaning Behind Most Common Friendship Tattoos

Matching Tattoos: Identical designs chosen by friends represent their matching souls, shared values, or experiences. These can be anything from symbols, quotes, to images that hold personal significance to the friendship.

Puzzle Pieces: Each friend gets a tattoo of a puzzle piece that fits together with the others, symbolizing how they complete each other and how their friendship forms a perfect picture when they’re together.

Infinity Symbol: The infinity symbol represents eternity, everlasting love, and never-ending friendship. It’s a popular choice among friends to signify their bond that will last forever.

Anchor Tattoos: Anchors are a symbol of stability and strength. In the context of friendship, they represent the idea that friends keep each other grounded and provide support through life’s storms.

Sun and Moon: Often chosen by two friends, where one gets the sun and the other the moon. This design symbolizes the balance and harmony within their friendship, indicating how they complement each other despite their differences.

Yin and Yang: This symbol represents balance and harmony. In friendship tattoos, it signifies the idea that friends balance each other out, embracing and celebrating their differences.

Heart Tattoos: Simple yet profound, heart tattoos are a universal symbol of love and affection. When chosen as a friendship tattoo, they represent the love and care friends have for each other.

Feather Tattoos: Feathers often symbolize freedom, bravery, and travel. Friends might choose matching or complementary feather tattoos to symbolize their shared adventures and the courage they give each other.

Coordinates: Tattooing the coordinates of a meaningful location, like where they met or a favorite place they share, symbolizes the significant moments or places in their friendship.

Quotes or Words: Selecting a quote or word that holds personal significance to the friendship. Each friend might get a part of the quote or the same word tattooed, symbolizing their shared values or experiences.

Friendship Tattoo Examples

Here are the 45 best friendship tattoo examples, organized into two separate photo galleries:

  • Friendship Tattoos In Black & Gray
  • Friendship Tattoos In Color

Friendship Tattoos In Black & Gray

Friendship Tattoos In Color