Fans Took 45 Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos To The Next Level & We’re Obsessed (Photos)

If you want the sickest Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo design, you’ve come to the right place.

In this guide, we’ll help you get your creative juices flowing and inspire you to come up with the perfect idea for you by showing the 45 best Nightmare Before Christmas tattoo examples you’ll ever see.

We’ll also detail some of the most common tattoo designs around this classic movie and its characters, along with why fans find each one so appealing.

Common Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Designs

Jack Skellington’s Face: The iconic, grinning skull face of Jack Skellington, the Pumpkin King, is perhaps the most recognizable symbol of the movie. It’s a popular choice for fans wanting to showcase their love for the character and the film.

Sally: Sally, the rag doll with a heart of gold, is another favorite. Tattoos of Sally often capture her in thoughtful poses or highlight her patchwork details, representing her resilience and intelligence.

Jack and Sally Together: Romantic images of Jack and Sally together, often framed by a heart or the film’s memorable hill scene, symbolize love and companionship. These tattoos can represent a deep connection to the themes of love and belonging in the movie.

Zero: Jack’s loyal ghost dog, Zero, with his glowing pumpkin nose, is a choice for those who appreciate the film’s sweeter side. Zero tattoos can embody loyalty, friendship, and the lighter aspects of the movie.

Oogie Boogie: The villainous Oogie Boogie, often depicted in his burlap sack form, appeals to fans who enjoy the darker, more mischievous elements of the film. His tattoos can represent the thrill of the film’s more sinister moments.

The Spiral Hill: The iconic image of the spiral hill against a full moon is a powerful symbol of the film’s unique setting and atmosphere. It’s chosen for its striking visual appeal and its representation of Jack’s contemplative moments.

Lock, Shock, and Barrel: Tattoos of the mischievous trio, often in their walking bathtub, are popular among fans who appreciate the film’s humor and chaos. These designs can capture the playful, anarchic spirit of the movie.

Halloween Town Scenery: Detailed tattoos of Halloween Town’s landscape, including its quirky buildings and moonlit skies, appeal to those who love the film’s setting. These designs can be intricate, capturing the essence of the movie’s unique world.

Quotes: Famous lines from the movie, such as “Simply meant to be” or “What’s this?”, are often incorporated into tattoos. These quotes can carry personal significance or capture a favorite moment from the film.

The Mayor: With his two-faced head, the Mayor of Halloween Town offers a unique tattoo choice that represents the film’s whimsical take on leadership and indecision. It’s a quirky choice for fans who appreciate the movie’s humor and eccentric characters.

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo Examples

Here are the 45 most creative and unique Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos, organized into two photo galleries by type:

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos In Color
  • Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos In Black & Gray

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos In Color

Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoos In Black & Gray