The 111 Most Stylish Rose Tattoo Designs For 2024

“I suppose all great happiness is a little sad. Beauty means the scent of roses and then the death of roses.” F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side Of Paradise

If you’re considering a rose tattoo design, you’ve come to the right place for inspiration.

In this guide, we’ll show you the 111 newest and most stylish rose tattoo designs for 2024 to help get your creativity flowing so that you can come up with the perfect rose tattoo for your taste.

To ensure a good variety for all tastes, we’ve broken these 111 photo examples into four separate galleries by type:

  • Rose Tattoos In Black & Gray
  • Rose Tattoos In Color
  • Small Rose Tattoos
  • Non-Red Rose Tattoos In Color

We’ll also detail the symbolism of roses along with what each different colored rose typically means.

Symbolic Meanings Of The Rose

Love and Passion: The most common association of roses is with love, especially romantic love. A rose tattoo can be a symbol of a person’s commitment, deep affection, or a tribute to a loved one.

Beauty and Fragility: Roses are universally acknowledged for their beauty, and a rose tattoo can represent an appreciation for beauty in its many forms. It also serves as a reminder of the fragility and temporary nature of beauty.

Balance: The contrast between the delicate beauty of the rose and its thorny stems can represent balance, showing that even within beauty, there can be pain or hardship.

Honor and Reverence: White roses, in particular, can symbolize honor and reverence. People might get a white rose tattoo as a tribute to someone who has passed away or to symbolize their respect and admiration for someone.

New Beginnings and Hope: A rose bud as a tattoo can symbolize new beginnings, hope, or youth. It might represent a new phase in the person’s life.

Remembrance: Similar to honor and reverence, a rose tattoo can be a memorial to a lost loved one or a reminder of a significant event in one’s life.

Individuality and Strength: Just as every rose is unique, a rose tattoo can symbolize the wearer’s individuality and personal strength.

Spiritual Symbolism: In some cultures and beliefs, a rose can have spiritual or religious significance, symbolizing things like heavenly grace, divine love, or the struggles of the spiritual journey.

Femininity and Motherhood: Roses can symbolize femininity and maternal love, often chosen by mothers or to honor a mother.

Protection and Warning: The thorns of a rose can serve as a symbol of defense and protection, or as a warning to others not to get too close, metaphorically speaking.

Different Colored Roses & Their Meanings

Red Roses: Traditionally associated with love and romance, they convey deep emotions, ranging from love to regret or sorrow. Red roses are often used to express feelings that might not otherwise be spoken.

White Roses: Symbolize purity, innocence, and youthfulness. They are often associated with new beginnings and thus are commonly used in weddings. White roses also symbolize reverence and can be a sign of remembrance.

Yellow Roses: Represent friendship, joy, and caring. A bouquet of these sunny flowers conveys warmth, gladness, and affection. They are often given to celebrate happy occasions and to lift spirits.

Pink Roses: Indicate grace, admiration, and gratitude. Light pink roses are associated with gentleness and admiration, while darker shades can signify gratitude and appreciation.

Orange Roses: Symbolize enthusiasm and desire. These vibrant flowers often represent a bridge between friendship symbolized by yellow roses and love symbolized by red roses.

Lavender Roses: Convey enchantment and love at first sight. They also symbolize mystery, suggesting a sense of the magical.

Blue Roses: Represent the mysterious and unattainable. They convey a sense of mystery, intrigue, and the desire for the impossible.

Green Roses: Symbolize peace, spiritual renewal, and tranquility. They are also indicative of fertility and bounty.

Black Roses: Often symbolize death and mourning, but can also signify a major change or end in a person’s life.

Burgundy Roses: Signify a very deep passion, even deeper than that of red roses. They are often used to convey undying passion and love.

111 Rose Tattoo Examples

The following 111 rose tattoo examples are broken down among four different types:

  • Rose Tattoos In Black & Gray
  • Rose Tattoos In Color
  • Small Rose Tattoos
  • Non-Red Rose Tattoos In Color

Rose Tattoos In Black & Gray

Rose Tattoos In Color

Small Rose Tattoos

Non-Red Rose Tattoos In Color