55 Taylor Swift Tattoos For Devoted Swifties In 2024

Calling all Swifties!

Taylor’s songs and albums have touched countless lives, with her lyrics resonating with many on a very personal level.

For those who find reflection of their own experiences, emotions and milestones in her music, what better way to solidify the bond between artist and fans than with a tribute tattoo.

For those in the Swiftie community that feel a strong connection to Taylor’s views, life, storytelling and the realness of her lyrics…we’ve got you covered with this guide showcasing the 55 best Taylor Swift tattoo designs to help you decide on your next piece.

From lyrics, to song titles, to album names, to portraits of Taylor herself, we’ll show you a little bit of everything.

Not only that, but we’ll also outline some of the more popular Taylor Swift tattoo ideas and why they make for some of the best designs to help you know what will resonate the most with you.

Popular Taylor Swift Tattoo Ideas

Lyric Quotes: Select a favorite line from one of her songs that resonates with you. For example, “August” or “Mirrorball” lyrics are a popular choice.

Album Icons: Each of Taylor’s albums has unique artwork and symbols. A tattoo representing the aesthetic of your favorite album, like a butterfly for “Lover” or a willow tree for “Evermore,” can be a great tribute.

Number 13: This number is known to be Taylor’s favorite and could be designed in an artistic font or incorporated into a larger design.

Musical Symbols: Instruments like a guitar, piano keys, or musical notes to represent her career as a singer-songwriter.

Butterflies or Birds: Symbolizing transformation and freedom, themes that are prominent in her songs.

Swiftie Symbol: A symbol or artwork that represents being a fan of Taylor Swift, like a “Swiftie” banner.

Vintage Microphone: Representing her as a timeless artist, a vintage microphone could be a classic and elegant choice.

Enchanted Forest: Inspired by the whimsical and fairy-tale-like themes in her music, an enchanted forest scene could make for a beautiful and detailed tattoo.

Taylor Swift Tattoo Designs

Below are the 55 best Taylor Swift tattoo designs.  You’ll find them divided among three different photo galleries by type, including:

  • Tattoos Of Taylor’s Lyrics
  • Tattoos Of Taylor’s Songs & Albums
  • Taylor Swift Portrait Tattoos

Tattoos Of Taylor’s Lyrics

Tattoos Of Taylor’s Songs & Albums

Taylor Swift Portrait Tattoos