37 Most Creative Unicorn Tattoos For 2024

“Well, now that we have seen each other,” said the unicorn, “if you’ll believe in me, I’ll believe in you.”  -Lewis Carroll, Through The Looking Glass

Think unicorns are just fairy tales?  Think again.

We’ve got proof in the form of the following 43 unique unicorn tattoo designs, where these mystical creatures are brought to life every day by some of the most creative tattoo artists across the world.

If you’re considering a unicorn tattoo, the photo gallery you’ll find below will give you all you need to narrow down what design will look best for your taste.

We’ll also detail some of the most common meanings and motivation behind those who choose to ink one of these creatures on their bodies.

Common Meanings Behind Unicorn Tattoos

Symbol of Individuality and Uniqueness: Since unicorns are mythical and rare creatures, a unicorn tattoo can represent your belief in your unique identity and qualities.

Representation of Dreams and Aspirations: As a symbol of the magical and the unattainable, unicorns can represent your dreams, hopes, and the pursuit of the seemingly impossible.

Sign of Strength and Courage: Despite their gentle appearance, unicorns are often portrayed as powerful beings. A unicorn tattoo could symbolize personal strength, resilience, and the courage to face your life’s challenges.

Childhood Nostalgia: Unicorns are often featured in children’s books and media. A unicorn tattoo might be a way to remember and cherish your childhood or to stay connected to the childlike wonder and imagination you once knew.

Freedom and Independence: The elusive and untamed nature of unicorns can be appealing if you value freedom, independence, and nonconformity. Along the same lines, a unicorn tattoo might represent your free spirit or a desire to remain unconstrained by societal norms.

Memorial or Tribute: You might choose a unicorn tattoo as a tribute to a loved one or to commemorate a significant event in life, especially if unicorns held special meaning to them or their loved ones.

Expression of Purity and Innocence: The unicorn’s traditional association with purity and innocence might resonate if you identify with or aspire to these qualities.

Love for Fantasy and Mythology: Unicorns are a staple of fantasy literature and art. A unicorn tattoo could express your fascination with the fantasy genre or love for mythical stories and creatures.

Connection to Spiritual or Mystical Beliefs: For those who have a spiritual connection to mythical creatures, a unicorn tattoo can signify a deeper mystical or spiritual journey.

Artistic and Aesthetic Appreciation: Simply put, unicorns can be depicted in a myriad of artistic styles, and you may choose a unicorn tattoo purely for its aesthetic beauty and the artistic expression it offers.

Unicorn Tattoo Ideas

Below you’ll find 43 unicorn tattoo examples, divided among two different types:

  • Black & Grey Unicorn Tattoos
  • Color Unicorn Tattoos

Black & Grey Unicorn Tattoos

Color Unicorn Tattoos