24 Creative Morgan Wallen Tattoos For 2024

Hey y’all, buckle up and grab your ‘Whiskey Glasses’ as we dive into the world of tattoos inspired by country music’s own mullet-rocking heartthrob, Morgan Wallen. 

Known for his twangy tunes that make you want to dance in your kitchen and cry in your truck, Wallen’s currently the undisputed king of country music and is as big as it gets in all the industry these days.

So whether you’re daydreaming about a ‘Cover Me Up’ serenade or just appreciate a good ol’ Tennessee-inspired tattoo, we’ve got you covered in this guide to the 24 best Morgan Wallen tattoos for 2024.

Now we can’t promise you that adding a Morgan Wallen tattoo will make Mr. ‘Chasin’ You’ chase you right back, but you never know.

We’ll also outline some of the more common tattoo ideas related to Morgan to get your creative juices flowing so that you can decide on the best design for you by the end of this guide.

Let’s have a look.

Morgan Wallen Tattoo Ideas

Song Lyrics: The most popular tattoo idea for fans of any artist, and especially one like Morgan Wallen who is so lyrically brilliant, is to choose a line from one of your favorite songs. Lyrics that are personally meaningful can make for a powerful and sentimental tattoo.

Silhouette of Morgan Wallen: A silhouette of Morgan Wallen with his signature mullet and perhaps a guitar could be a striking tribute.

Album Artwork: Wallen’s album covers or elements from them, like specific images or motifs, can be turned into a tattoo design.

Music-Inspired Imagery: Guitars, microphones, or musical notes, possibly incorporated with Morgan Wallen’s initials or name, can symbolize your love for his music.

Whiskey Glasses: Inspired by his song “Whiskey Glasses,” this could be a unique and more subtle nod to his work.

Tennessee-Themed Designs: Since Morgan Wallen is from Tennessee, a tattoo that includes the state outline or symbols associated with Tennessee could be a meaningful choice.

Quotes: Any quotes from Morgan Wallen, either from his interviews or social media, that resonate with you.

Nature Elements: Inspired by the country music theme, elements like mountains, forests, or rivers can be incorporated.

Morgan Wallen Tattoo Examples